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How to save 500 € p/year by Homemaking all your Cosmetics & Care Products,

using simple RECIPES and NATURAL Ingredients from your kitchen!


In 2011, aiming to avoid many of the unpronounceable nasty ingredients listed in our regular cosmetics  & personal care products, i started “DIYing” my own ones and, in 2017, i had already replaced 100 % of them!

Doing it is fun, relaxing, healthier and...much cheaper!

A simple cost estimation made me realised that it also helped me saving up to 500 € p/ year!


Always a crafter, i started my professional career as an Art Teacher but, because i didn´t really

fit in the regular education system, i simply decided to abandon that path...

Originally from Lisbon (Portugal), in 2013 i went on a summer vacation to southern France, felt

in love with those mediterranean clear blue waters and...never went back!


Moving into a small 28.000 habitants village in the South of France, brought me some unexpected

tranquility, teached me to “slow” down and to recognize

the body's physical and energetic nature, as something holistic that engages the whole person:

body, mind and spirit!

Gaining a new sense of life and aiming to help others to transform their daily life into a happier &

healthier life through beauty, joy &  fun, i ‘ve learned body wellbeing massages, created my own brand of

Beauty & Wellness products, and wrote this E-book, where you will find 33 edible-easy&cheap recipes

to replace 33 regular cosmetics and personal care products!

The one Year Handmaking Challenge E-Book

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