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Try out our 5 Cosmetical Mood Booster oils or use them for 20 days as a Skin/Emotional Renewal.

These exquisite Mood Enhancing Oils boost your Good Mood while making your skin glows!They combine Aromatherapy and Beauty Care and 

are designed by a certified Aromatherapist.

They are Organically Handmade only using local ingredients from the  South of France.

How to use as a cure:

Use each one for 5 days in a row, following the sequence

Step 1 Detoxify (colour "Green")Rehab Oil

Skin Detoxifying & Restore Spirits

Rosemary & Peppermint BIO


Step 2 Breath/Calming (colour "Blue") Unwind Oil

Skin Soothing & Serenity

Sage& Patchouli BIO


Step 3 Immunity (colour "Red")Imm Oil

Immunity & Good Skin High Vibes

Labdanum &Lemongrass BIO


Step 4 Smile  (colour "Yellow")Happy Oil

Smile, Rise Up and Shine

Ylang Ylang&Palmarosa BIO


Step 5 Self love Skin Luxury(colour "Pink")Absolute Oil

Rose&Jasmine Absolut BIO

Self love &Skin Regeneration


20 Days Cure /Try out Samples Cosmetical Aromatherapy Skin+ Emotional Renewal

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